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02/06/2016 - Congratulations to BW Academy students "The Catch" Carl Cunningham & Nicolas Radford for their appearance on Monday Night RAW vs The monster, 6'8", 385 lbs Braun Strowman!

Although Carl and Nicolas were just short of victory, they showed lots of ambition against the unstoppable Strowman. Carl and Nicolas have made everyone here at BW Academy proud!

Just to the right, you can see their incredible effort!

12/03/2016 - Congratulations to BW Academy student "Rebel Kel" who had her debut match to a SRO crowd at El Corazone for the Project 42 promotion. Congratulations on a phenomenal first showing!

You made uas very proud, and we look forward to your bright future!

Just to the right, you can view Rebel Kel's debut match, thank you for the user submitted video!

08/21/2016 - Congratulations to BW Academy Student Jorel Nelson for his 2nd appearance on Monday Night RAW! Jorel fought head to head with the 6'8", 385 lbs Braun Strowman.

Although Nelson was just short of victory, he showed bravery against the unstoppable Strowman. Jorel Nelson has made everyone here at BW Academy proud!

You can read more about Jorel's experience in this article written by Ronnie Rowlands courtesy of Today's Powerbomb.

08/21/2016 - Congratulations to BW Academy Students King Khash & "The Catch" Carl Cunningham for their excellent performance against Enzo and Big Cass during a WWE Smackdown dark match.

These two students have made us all proud here at the BW Academy!

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If wrestling was easy, everyone would do it. Wrestling is hard work, but if you want something bad enough, you’ll succeed.


Your level of dedication will determine how far you go. Dedication not only in the ring, but also outside the ring: taking care of your body and mind.

Pro Wrestling

You will learn wrestling the “right way”. Unfortunately, Wrestling the “right-way” isn’t easy. It often takes months to master a basic move. Be prepared to study outside of the ring.